A crypto payments firm has announced that it is venturing into the world of nonfungible tokens.

The ETN-Network, which launched AnyTask Platform, a crypto-powered freelancing site, says NFTs can serve as a powerful marketing and fundraising tool — and has launched a limited-edition trading card of Electroman to illustrate this.

The character was created by the Brazilian artist Neto Robatto on He charged just $70 to sketch, illustrate, colourize and animate the NFT — and ETN-Network says this powerfully shows how anyone can inexpensively create their very own crypto collectibles with the help of the site’s talented freelancers. has also launched a new NFT category with 11 talented artists on its freelance marketplace — and marketing manager Jonathan Marriott says these unique assets are a great way for businesses and organizations to promote products and services, as well as create greater brand awareness.  

Recently, and Blockchain Heroes began working together on NFTs. Blockchain Heroes is a collectible trading card set featuring crypto-inspired characters, launched in August 2020 — and the NFTs are available on the WAX blockchain. A total of 50 superheroes feature in the series, and each pack of cards comes with the chance to discover common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary or mythic versions of each character.

For, one of the most compelling advantages that NFTs offer lies in how the most desirable trading cards will be protected from the elements and perfectly preserved for years to come. That’s a stark contrast to physical counterparts, which can suffer wear and tear down the years — with counterfeiting also a concern.

Marriott added: “The AnyTask Platform is incredibly excited to get involved at ground level. Whilst the big players await their entry into this exciting and fascinating new space, why not get involved yourself and start your very own series of NFTs with the help of Neto and many other artists, found at”

Freelancers encouraged to get involved is now encouraging online freelancers to get involved in the digital collectibles industry, and to offer their services to those who are determined to launch their own NFTs.

Marriott explained that there is increasing demand for skilled creatives who have drawing, painting, illustration and animation skills — and gifted artists have an irresistible opportunity to unlock a new income stream. Signing up as a seller on is easy… and freelancers with a background in video, music and 3D rendering are also proving to be sought after.

Many buyers on are looking for people who can bring a rough sketch or draft to life — transforming a concept into a jaw-dropping illustration.

Top tips for success include listing the keyword “NFT” to ensure that freelancers maximize their visibility — and to ensure that they add successful projects to their portfolio so prospective clients can admire their full body of work. Promoting services on social media, including on Reddit and Telegram, can also make a big difference.

Terms for top talent

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, allows sellers to get paid shortly after a buyer has verified they are happy with the work — and the platform doesn’t deduct any fees from their earnings. That’s a stark contrast to other platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, which often command a commission of up to 20%.

Users are paid in ETN, a cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase top-ups for mobile phones and at many other business outlets around the world. The directory lists all the places where this coin is accepted.

The AnyTask Platform is also designed to welcome freelancers who may risk being shut out of more established websites because they don’t have a bank account, or because the use of PayPal is heavily restricted in their home country.

Figures from suggest that NFT sales trebled in 2020, accelerating to $250 million across the whole year. To put the recent explosion in popularity into context, trading volumes have exceeded $320 million over the past month alone — with a dizzying array of new marketplaces emerging as big brands wade into the space.

轉貼自: cointelegraph

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