Imbalanced classes are a common problem in machine learning classification where there are a disproportionate ratio of observations in each class. Class imbalance can be found in many different areas including medical diagnosis, spam filtering, and wildfire detection.






Machine learning is increasingly moving from hand-designed models to automatically optimized pipelines using tools such as H20, TPOT, and auto-sklearn. These libraries, along with methods such as random search, aim to simplify the model selection and tuning parts of machine learning by finding the best model for a dataset with little to no manual intervention. However, feature engineering, an arguably more valuable aspect of the machine learning pipeline, remains almost entirely a human labor.


Scalability 指是指Hadoop的分佈式文件系統HDFS仍然有提高擴展性的需求和空間,會詳細.. Cloud也是一個非常重要的方向,雲上的對象存儲甚至有取代 HDFS成為雲端大數據儲存所以趨勢,所以HDFS如......


A new study shows that quantum technology will catch up with today’s encryption standards much sooner than expected. That should worry anybody who needs to store data securely for 25 years or so.


The press is attempting to pit edge computing against cloud computing, but the two will never be mutually exclusive


The sharing economy is a two-way street that operates on trust between suppliers and customers, and that trust is even more important for high-value exchanges like home shares. A homeowner wants to properly vet a potential guest and the guest also needs assurance that everything is on the level.


Automatic speech recognition systems like those at the core of Alexa convert speech into text, and one of their components is a model that predicts which word will come after a sequence of words. They’re typically n-gram based, meaning they suss out the probability of next words given the past n-1 words. But architectures like recurrent neural networks, which are commonly used in speech recognition because of their ability to learn long-range dependencies, are tough to incorporate into real-time systems and often struggle to ingest data from multiple corpora.




數位產權新創 Bitmark 在昨日完成由宏達電領投的 300 萬美元的 A 輪融資,投資者還包括電商巨頭阿里巴巴、風投公司美國中經合集團、區塊鏈創投 DCG。


四大會計 PwC 盧森堡於今年9月,在官方新聞稿釋出消息表示,自10月1號開始該公司將接受客戶的比特幣支付,而新聞稿另提到 PwC 資誠會計師事務所,將在未來提出更完善的加密審計解決方案、與該品牌的區塊鏈產品。


比特幣單日上漲 6.29%,微幅帶動了整體密碼貨幣市場,也讓比特幣站上了日 K 的 30 EMA,但比特幣仍尚未突破下降趨勢線。


印度今年的 GDP 成長放緩,胡潤百富的報告指出,高達 36% 的印度高淨值資產人士對未來三年的投資決策將趨向避險。報告指出,目前高淨值資產人士中,有近 10% 的願意在未來三年提高密碼貨幣的資產配比。


投資管理公司 VanEck Securities Corp. 和 SolidX Management 將在明天開始提供「限量版」的比特幣 ETF,讓合規的機構投資人購買,但是一般投資人還要再等等。





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