在今天的科技時代,大多數人聽到“亞馬遜”這個詞會想到Jeff Bezos的網上購物很棒,而不是想到南美長達4000英里的河流。亞馬遜公司想使用.amazon這個網域名,在南美的八個國家認為這種排他性可能會影響他們的主權問題,四個拉丁美洲國家的總統已經公開反對該公司被授予.amazon域名的權利。


DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service, a Database as a Service offering, and DataStax Insights, a performance management service, to be first of platform’s offerings built to simplify application development


5G will demand performance and efficiency, which means we need a common architecture to ease design and deployment.


To explore some of the common assumptions about millennials, this issue brief examines attitudes on investing among three millennial segments.









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