摘要:real estate in Europe is particularly attractive to Middle Eastern investors who are becoming more accustomed to blockchain technology and digital assets.




摘要: The malware is called Saefko and is written in .NET, a software framework developed by Microsoft and used to develop a wide range of applications.


摘要: In tests, JPMorgan Chase found that Persado’s machine-learning tool crafted better ad copy than its own writers could muster, as measured by the higher click rates—more than double in some case—on digital ads for Chase cards and mortgages.


摘要:大腦可以感知和處理複雜的事物,那電腦能模擬出來嗎?日前英特爾(Intel)發布了一個代號為 Pohoiki Beach 的神經擬態系統,一個 800 萬個數位神經元的超級電腦。雖然跟由 860 億個的腦細胞、神經元組成的人腦比起來,還相差甚遠,但其效率是效率是普通 CPU 的 10000 倍。


摘要: It is easy to scoff at cyber security and the vulnerabilities of our newly connected lifestyles and often we compartmentalise and shrug off personal instances with perhaps too much ease. Bank fraud and email/ social media hacking are really just the peak of the iceberg.


摘要: New research from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory uses machine learning to customize clothing designs.


摘要: BlazingSQL是一個基於英偉達RAPIDS生態系統構建的GPU加速SQL引擎.RAPIDS包含一組軟件庫(BlazingSQL,cuDF,cuML,cuGraph),用來在GPU上執行端到端的數據科學計算和分析管道。


摘要:In order to determine which programming languages are likely doomed in the medium- to long-term, we looked at the popularity rankings by TIOBE and RedMonk, as well as Dice’s own database of job postings. If your career is based on any of the following languages, we suggest diversifying your skill-set at some point.


摘要: Researchers hope the system can zero in on the right patients to enroll in clinical trials, to speed discovery of drug treatments.


摘要:Model replaces the laborious process of annotating massive patient datasets by hand.






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