▲Cardano has a market capitalization of $62.3 billion.

When discussing what ADA may do with ETH in the future, the term “flippening” may have been used. However, in recent weeks, SOL has reversed this would-be “killer” itself.

Solana has a market value of $65.9 billion, whereas Cardano has a market capitalization of $62.3 billion. The competition is heating up, as recent headlines indicate.

Charles Hoskinson, the cryptocurrency’s founder, maybe dismiss the concept that its alternative competitor is now more valuable than his brainchild.

With its eye-popping fast transaction speeds, cryptocurrency investors are apparently onto something.

According to m

There’s a lot of work ahead of it to get developers interested in creating dApps and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

It seems that Solana is doing a better job of attracting Web 3.0 developers at the moment. This makes it seem more probable that Ethereum will be knocked off the top of the heap by this.

There’s still a long way to go in this horse race between the numerous potential “killers” of ETH, as I indicated before.

Once again, ADA has the potential to overtake SOL. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be left behind by Solana or Ethereum to continue to see its price rise.

Cardano may seem to some to have peaked now that Solana is getting all the attention.

Many people may think that after a rise of more than tenfold in less than a year, the future holds only little gains.

According to my evaluation of the situation, I would not make the same decision.

There’s still a lot of room for it to rise in value. Most of this may be attributed to a forthcoming increase in scalability.

According to analyst Brenden Rearick, the Hydra improvement might be as transformative for the team as the Alonzo upgrade.

Cardano’s network might see a big rise in transaction speed thanks to its layer-2 scaling option.

How enormous? Each Hydra node is capable of processing 1,000 transactions per second. The deployment of 1,000 Hydra nodes is scheduled for the near future.

In principle, this network may process up to 1 million transactions per second shortly.

Don’t forget that this is still a work-in-progress improvement! The fact that this coin still can make up ground lost to Solana and reach the level of Ethereum in use shows that this crypto still has a long way to go.

This does not, however, imply that Ethereum will overtake it in the future. Nonetheless, Cardano’s continued development (more scalability and cheaper transaction costs) suggests that its use will continue to rise significantly in the years to come.

This might lead to ADA being valued at the same level as Ethereum, which would result in a token price of $6, which is more than three times what it now trades for.

As a Wrap-Up

“Pupcoins” may continue to attract short-term traders looking for quick profits. Long-term crypto investors may be betting on SOL rather than ADA, according to some analysts. The recent lackluster performance should not be seen as a warning to stay away, but rather as an opportunity.

Cardano is an altcoin worth considering because of the potential for its token price to rise as a result of further improvements.


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