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摘要: Algorithmic trading has proliferated across global FX markets over the past decade. Today, roughly 20% of the institutional foreign exchange trading volume is now executed through algos. FX algo usage is following that of the equities market - where algos currently account for more than half of all equity trading volume. So what’s behind all this algo growth?

摘要: Executing trades in the financial market has been made extremely accessible. With a few hundred $ and an internet connection you have the whole world under your thumb. This makes it seem that trading is a simple way of making big bucks. Being profitable in the market however demands a lot more than just entering trades, even if you happen to obtain accurate signals.

摘要: 有位香港大亨是Samathur Li(李建勤),他的父親是Shaftesbury Plc(一家英國房地產投資信託基金)的主要投資者,Shaftesbury Plc擁有倫敦唐人街、柯芬園和卡納比街的大部分物業。他最近控告銷售人員是Raffaele Costa,他主要為投資管理公司英仕曼集團(Man Group Plc)和旗下全資子公司GLG Partners Inc銷售投資基金工作。控告的理由是Raffaele Costa宣稱利用AI操盤的機器人投資可以賺大錢,結果害他賠錢。