We’ve grown, and with this newest fund we’ll be backing the most disruptive founders, protocol builders, and hackers of this generation.

We used to talk about how the revolution was coming. Well, it’s here now. Crypto has gone mainstream, but we’ve been doing this from the beginning, before any of it was obvious. We’ve been early supporters of projects like Avalanche, Near, Bybit, Matter Labs, Anchorage, Amber, Frax, Cosmos, Dune Analytics, MakerDAO, Compound, 1inch — to name just a few.

Back then, most of these were half-baked ideas. Would DeFi really work at scale? Was there room for another L1? Could zero-knowledge proofs be used to scale public blockchains?

The answers were: yes, yes, and yes. With the right team and enough ingenuity, a crazy idea can change everything. We’ve seen it enough times to no longer doubt it. The landscape is not fixed, no matter how much it seems like it might be.

So much is going to change over the next 5 years. The next generation of startup founders are now emigrating from web2. (Welcome!) The L1 wars are heating up, the race to build the metaverse is on, DeFi is maturing, crypto gaming now seems inevitable, and the financial infrastructure is institutionalizing. There’s so, so much to build, and with our Fund III, we’re better equipped to back founders all along their journey, from seed to Series B and beyond.

We’re excited to be a small part of how the future of crypto gets built. If you’re working on something, let’s talk: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它.

Godspeed, anon.

(You can read more about it in: TechCrunch, Coindesk)

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