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摘要: Firm says new tool simplifies stock option data to enable easy comparisons of relative option values.


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpiderRock Gateway Technologies (“SpiderRock”), a leading provider of analytical option data, announced today the release of “Chart Tool”, a web application for visualizing historical and implied volatility trends. Utilizing SpiderRock’s robust trading analytics, Chart Tool offers access to over ten years of volatility data on U.S. stocks, indexes, ETFs, and ADRs, all through a simple browser interface.

The new charting tool is user-friendly, intuitive, and caters to a wide demographic of options traders ranging from equity traders who seek more robust option analytics to seasoned option volatility professionals in search of edge.

“Chart Tool simplifies stock option data in ways to easily compare the relative option value,” said Craig Iseli, SpiderRock’s co-founder. “Access to this type of data has long given professionals an edge, and we are opening it up to the growing cohort of new options market users.”

With this new tool, users will be able to leverage the following key features:


Chart Tool allows traders to display historical volatility data from one week to ten years, including at-the-money implied volatility, realized volatility charts, and volatility skew. The tool can also analyze and exhibit single stock price and volume data with earnings date overlays.


Chart Tool allows for custom analysis on individual stocks and stock comparisons. Users may easily analyze stock option pairs and spreads, and create options trading charts. Users have the ability to also build and display custom comparisons and ratios. This tool eliminates the time to ingest large datasets and allows users to access the necessary data easily.


Users can save their analysis to view later, quickly share it with others, or create custom datasets available for immediate download.

To learn more about how Chart Tool can provide context for your trading and to sign up for a free trial, reach out to Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 or visit Chart Tool | SpiderRock Platform.

About SpiderRock

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies is a leader in option market data & analytics and part of SpiderRock Technology Solutions (“STS”), LLC. STS is a trading technology provider that creates and deploys some of the most innovative algorithmic routing and risk management solutions commercially available to service large hedge funds, bank trading desks and proprietary trading firms around the world.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.

For more information, please check our website at or visit our LinkedIn Page.


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