Big Data has swiftly become a dated, catch-all phrase in the online marketing lexicon, but it is undeniable that the amount of data and the speed at which is delivered, is still increasing at an exponential rate. For example, Gartner has predicted that enterprise data will grow 650 percent between by 2020, and IDC has stated that the world’s information now doubles approximately every 18 months.

Also, the quality of data is constantly changing – ‘good’ data can rapidly become ‘bad’ data. In business, the need to make decisions laser quick, and with reliable, actionable and high-quality data is of paramount importance to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.


The most important thing is to take the huge bank of data and turn it into operational insight, and into products and services that we can build out across the business. It should give you a very rich picture, but the key is turning it into series of actions.”


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