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摘要: In recent years, extreme climates have been rampant, starting with the Kyoto Protocol to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases and then derived from carbon-related issues.



Since the industrial revolution in 1760, human activities have gradually negatively affected the global environment. After wanton exploitation, plunder, and abuse of resources, it has been counterattacked by nature. The occurrence of extreme climate has become a massive risk to human life. Countries worldwide have come up with solutions to contribute to their homeland to reduce the threat of nature. In 1992, the United Nations formulated the “United Nations Framework Convention on Corporate Change” (UNFCCC), which mainly drafted treaties on climate change issues. It is hoped that the power of the “United Nations Framework Convention on Corporate Change” will unite the centripetal force of all countries and jointly implement coping strategies. The “Kyoto Protocol” was passed in 1997, which means that governments must individually or collectively control the number of greenhouse gases emitted by artificial emissions. The topic has received much attention, and carbon trading has once again sparked discussions. What is carbon trading? This article takes you a look!


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