摘要: SD-WAN is surfacing as one of the best defence mechanisms.


摘要: The history of creating a replica of physical body dates back to yester years when miniatures were built before the actual development of products or buildings. The process was proven to be quite effective in the management of the development process.


摘要: IoT devices are considered "low-hanging fruit" among cybercriminals.


摘要: Three in five fraudulent transactions identified in Q4 2019 originated from a mobile browser.


摘要: Technology has played a large role in China's efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak—but how will the U.S. response compare as the virus continues to spread?


摘要: WHO, BlueDot Global, and Harvard Medical School leading the way to disease prevention


摘要: How Taiwan used big data, new technologies and heavy handed government to control the spread of the coronavirus


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摘要: 摘要


摘要: The journey of data analytics began with simple descriptive (review of past events) and diagnostic (analysis of past events) exercises and moved to the more sophisticated predictive and prescriptive genres,where advanced data models have enabled accurate future forecasts and actionable intelligence. And now cognitive computing has further strengthened the actionable predictive power of the machines by making the machine act like the human brain. For example, in addition to deciphering “words” in a piece of text, a cognitive analytics system can also interpret the context of the written material.


摘要: Learn why neural networks are so powerful, how and where they’re used, and how to get started — no programming necessary


摘要: With cloud architecture becoming more art than science, some problems are stumping those who are supposed to have all the answers


摘要: Looking at the seven data dimensions businesses in AI should adhere for it to be successful.


摘要: Professor Aleksander Madry strives to build machine-learning models that are more reliable, understandable, and robust.




摘要: 去年NLP領域最火的莫過於BERT了,得益於數據規模和計算力的提升,BERT在大規模語料上預訓練(Masked Language Model + Next Sentence Prediction)之後可以很好地從訓練語料中捕獲豐富的語義信息,對各項任務瘋狂屠榜。我們在對BERT進行微調之後可以很好地適用到自己的任務上。如果想深入了解BERT的運行機制,就需要去仔細地研讀一下BERT的源碼。今天這篇文章我們來看看在BERT提出大半年之後,又有哪些基於BERT的有趣的研究。


摘要: 2019 saw fintech reach an inflection point on a global scale, pulling in $34.5B across 1,913 deals. Q4’19 ended the year strong, setting a quarterly funding record when excluding Ant Financial’s record $14B investment in Q2’18. Deals were less resilient and ended the year down, driven in part by a pull back in early-stage (seed/angel and Series A) deals.


摘要: 這項預計明年初上路的法案,將南韓境內加密貨幣交易商、ICO等角色納管及合法化,有助於防止加密貨幣被用於洗錢、詐騙等犯罪行為


摘要: Forbes 近日採訪到知名加密貨幣投資基金 Multicoin Capital。文中兩位創辦人談及公司在17年如何趁勢市值翻倍,以及近期對幣市投資的一些看法。


摘要: 去年此時,Staking 風靡一時,諸多玩家「跑步」入場。過去一年,隨著越來越多 PoS 公鏈上線,Staking 市場正變得越來越廣闊。市場上甚至有聲音認為今年或將是 Staking 爆發的一年。


摘要: 中國裁判文書網於 3 月 4 日公佈了一份資料,證實先前比特大陸前執行長詹克團申請凍結比特大陸子公司福建湛華智能科技有限公司的訴訟已經成立,未來將凍結該公司的 36% 股權,價值 360 萬人民幣,凍結期限兩年,立即執行。


摘要: 暱稱 ppcand1 的網友昨(3)日在批踢踢(PTT)的數字貨幣討論版發佈比特之星的提領問題的最新進度,目前該交易所仍無法提領,而他也已經向台北大安區刑警局電信偵查隊一隊報案,且創建了群組,希望集合受害者的力量,讓交易所盡快擔起責任。


摘要: 「去中心化」是區塊鏈社群最重視的精神,但是現在卻傳出孫宇晨調用交易所的代幣執行投票,幫助他奪回 Steem 區塊鏈的掌控權。消息一出,幣安創辦人趙長鵬火速撤回投票,隨後孫宇晨也出面說明調用交易所代幣是因為 Steemit 團隊的代幣遭到狹持,現在危機解除,他也會盡快撤回投票。


摘要: 長期以來,日本一直被視為加密貨幣產業的聖地,因為他們擁有許多國家無法匹敵的監管環境,但這並不代表對犯罪的控制能達到完美無缺;隨著加密貨幣的應用場域被持續發揚,以加密貨幣主導的洗錢等金融犯罪也在持續增加。


摘要: 供應鏈管理是為了在滿足客戶服務的前提下,讓整個供應鏈系統的成本達到最小化,而許多的零售商,如Nike、梅西百貨這種大公司內部、外部的產品進行轉移時,在整個龐大的供應鏈中缺乏一致性和高效性,除了對企業盈利會產生影響外,也可能讓最終零售商價格不利。美國的 RFID 實驗室目前進行的「鏈整合項目」(CHIP)便針對這個問題進行逐筆試驗,希望透過「超級帳本(Hyperledger Fabric)」的共享化數據來解決。


摘要: 上月底, G20 在沙國進行的 G20 峰會上公開呼籲世界各國採納金融行動工作組(FATF)的最新加密貨幣指南。恰巧在相近的時間點上,韓國交易量最高的兩大加密貨幣交易所 Bithumb 和 UPbit 採取大動作將多種加密貨幣下架,首開南韓加密貨幣產業內的先例。


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